MJ's Suggested Class Supplies:

1. Sakura Koi Watercolors Pocket Field Sketch Box 

(set of 30 is what MJ demonstrates with)

2. Three Watercolor Round brushes sizes 2, 4, 6

3. Micron 005 black ink pen (permanent ink)

4. Sakura Gellyroll white ink pens sizes 05, 08, 10

5. Sakura IDenti-pen (dual tip pen) 

one side is 1.0mm other side is 0.4mm (permanent ink)

You could also use a fine tip black sharpie

6. Watercolor paper 140lb 

(6X9 size or larger) (we will cut to be 6X9)

7. a few brightly colored Sakura Gellyroll pens (optional)

Other Basics Needed:

1. pencil

2. eraser

3. ruler

4. matte with 5X7 opening

5. water

6. water jars (MJ uses two)

 7. tissue (aka kleenex)