Here are some frequently asked questions:

Who are your classes for?

Marijanel's current classes are for 

1) beginners who want to learn watercolor illustration techniques and also for 

2) advanced artists who want a refresher or change of style.

What age are your classes for?

This website restricts anyone under the age of 14 to sign up or use the site alone due to internet safety and legalities. The class supplies are intended for ages 14+. (Many of the class supplies are listed as 14+ due to ingredients being harmful with wrong handling, for example many watercolor paints are harmful if one was to drink the paint water). With that being said, if a parent or guardian wish to accompany ages under 14.

Yes, the lessons are quite possible for younger ages who are keen for art, but your decision to guide your (younger than 14) child through the lesson is at your own discretion and risk.

I homeschool and would like to use MJ's classes for art lessons, is this ok?

Yes, provided that the individual who signs up on the website is an adult and the contact information given belongs to an adult. 

As well, go over all the supplies to make sure they are safe and age appropriate for your young student. 

Homeschool teachers can look over the outline of MJ's classes to easily determine the artistic outcomes.

What is the format of your classes?

Marijanel's classes are divided into chapters and the chapters are divided into shorter lessons. 

Each lesson has a professional video, showing multiple angles, to watch and a few lesson notes. 

As you follow along from lesson to lesson you will gain techniques such as how to grid, reference, sketch with both pencil and ink, how to watercolor for illustration using wet on wet, dry brushing, layering and shading, and how to apply ink embellishing before you matte, sign and frame. 

Marijanel walks you through the whole process step by step leading your to success.

Through each class you will gain educational aspects derived from the seven elements of art, but also techniques that are special to Marijanel's style.

When I'm watching the videos do I work along with MJ or wait till the video is over?

That is your choice. Depending on how you feel you have opt to watch MJ's whole demonstration video and then do your artwork afterwards, or you can watch some, pause and work, watch more and pause to work. Whatever is right for you.

You'll also notice there is a gear symbol on the videos that allow you to speed up or slow down the video.

You will notice a few options in the video tool bar and one of the options allows you to watch the video in faster speed, in case you need to re-watch.

What will I learn through these classes?

At the end of Marijanel's classes you will have practiced several art fundamentals. You will be able to frame and hang your  painting successfully. You'll also come away with a whole new repertoire of techniques and an imagination full of possibility.

During the classes you learn Marijanel's creative illustration techniques and a process she called her PIPI process (pencil, ink, paint, ink) that not only teach you skill but open your imagination to possibility. 

Do I have to use the suggested class supply kit?

No, the kit (which can be purchased in parts at Michael's, Amazon, or most local art supply stores) is created for your convenience if you wish to use what Marijanel is using. Marijanel is not paid for recommending these supplies. If you'd rather use other brands or supplies simply source the closest colors and supplies to what Marijanel is using.

What if I don't like my painting when I'm done?

Learning and art is always a process and sometimes we love the outcome and sometimes we don't. Marijanel aims to make the class fun and help you be successful. It's ok if you aren't crazy about your outcome, that's part of learning, although Marijanel thinks you're gonna love it. She also believes you will learn something new and that alone is worth the time and small investment you'll pay. Learning and growing is part of succeeding in art so prepare yourself to stretch and be open to whatever the outcome. You may even want to do the class once as practice and a second time to "be more serious", that's ok too!

How long to I own or have access to the classes?

From the date of purchase you have 90 days of access. This is plenty of time to gather your supplies and do the class.

How long will a class take me to do?

Most students say that Marijanel's classes take them 2-6 hours depending on how many of MJ's classes they've taken before (some videos don't need to be re-watched) and their painting experience.

Marijanel packs the classes full of great content that you might even want to watch twice! But the classes are designed to be doable in a day or a couple evenings.

Do I have to do the class all at once?

No, you can take your time and keep logging in when it's convenient to make more progress. You'll have 90 day access from the date of your purchase.

What Supplies do I need?

Marijanel offers a suggested class supply kit which you can find on a separate website page and as a printable pdf inside every class.

How do I sign up and pay?

The website will lead you through creating an account and paying by credit card securely. You can log in to your class (90 day access from date of purchase) using your account log in.